Comprehensive GDP Per Capita List: Detailed Breakdown and Insights


A deep examination into the topic of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita globally can facilitate a better understanding of the international economy. Detailed here is an exhaustive GDP per capita list – featuring both developed and emerging economies – coupled with relevant analysis to equip readers with valuable economic insights.

Understanding GDP Per Capita

Before delving into the list, it’s essential to clarify what GDP per capita stands for. This economic indicator reflects the standard of living in a country, calculated by dividing a country’s total GDP by its population.

GDP Per Capita List: An Explanatory Guide

Delving into this extensive GDP per capita list, we’ll explore countries worldwide, providing a broad picture of global economic performance.

  1. Luxembourg

    With a staggering GDP per capita of $113,196, Luxembourg tops the list. Its flourishing banking sector, low unemployment rate, and attractive corporate tax structure contribute to this position.

  2. Singapore

    Singapore claims second place with a GDP per capita of $98,014. It owes its position to its robust manufacturing sector, efficient trade policies, and vibrant financial services sector.

  3. Ireland

    Ranking third, Ireland posts a GDP per capita figure of $83,603. The country’s strong presence in high-tech industries and foreign direct investment (FDI) have fueled its significant GDP performance.

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The GDP Per Capita List: Emerging Economies Perspective

It’s crucial not to overlook emerging economies—their unique growth trajectories offer key lessons and important insights. Here are several notable examples:

  1. China

    Despite its massive population, China’s GDP per capita stands at $10,153. This showcases the tremendous economic growth the country has achieved over recent decades.

  2. India

    As one of the significant players in the global economy, India’s GDP per capita is $2,191. This figure points at potential for economic growth fueled by a vibrant start-up ecosystem and large consumer base.

  3. Nigeria

    Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria, boasts a GDP per capita of $2,229 reflecting its position as an economic powerhouse on the continent.

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Analyzing the GDP Per Capita List: Key Takeaways

The GDP per capita list does not just present dry figures—it serves as a reflection of each country’s unique economic scenario:

  1. High GDP, High Living Standards

    Typically, countries with high GDP per capita—such as Luxembourg and Singapore—provide higher living standards for their citizens, encompassing better healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

  2. The Power of Emerging Economies

    While emerging economies might report lower GDP per capita figures, their sheer size and growth potential present lucrative opportunities for businesses globally.


This detailed GDP per capita list provides valuable insights into global economic prosperity. Understanding these dynamics can offer policymakers, businesses, and researchers a roadmap to strategize and navigate the ever-evolving global economic landscape.

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